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October 4 & 5, 2013 
Palermo Grange
7600 Irwin Ave,
Palermo, Ca 95968
hours to be announced later

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

2014 OPQG Opportunity Quilt "Beauty on the River"

Beauty on the River

The drawing will be on October 19, 2014 at 2:00 pm at our quilt show.  For contacts regarding the quilt put my name and email (Sharon Helton, ).  The cost of the tickets is 1 for 1$ and 6 for 5$.

Monthly Meetings – 3rd Thursday of every month
Day Group – 10:00am to 12:00noon (social hour 9:00am – 10:00am)                                   
Contact:  Mary Jane Sasek (530-538-8086)                                                                         
Palermo Grange  7600 Irwin Ave  Palermo, Ca 95968
Moonlighters -  6:30pm – 9:00pm (doors open at 4:00pm, dinner at 6:00pm)                                        Contact: Yvonne Ogletree (925-386-6659)                                                   Trinity Presbyterian Church 2350 Foothill Oroville, Ca
Mailing Address:  PO Box 616 Palermo, Ca 95968
Quilt Show
2014 “Beauty On the River” Quilt Show - October 18th & 19th 2014                                       
Chair – Ann Harvey (530-589-2098)                             
Veterans Memorial Hall                                                                                                                  
2374 Montgomery St                                                                                                            
Oroville, Ca
Schedule a date to bring your Opportunity Quilt to us                                                                                    Mary Jane Sasek 538-8086

Purchase Tickets for OPQG 2014 Opportunity Quilt – 
Drawing to be held 3p.m. Oct 19, 2014                                          

Sharon Helton (530-743-7465)                                                                                                 
Terri Russell (530-533-8637)

September News Letter

Volume XXX1I - Issue 9 September 2013 since 1980
Newsletter Editor: Dorothy Moyle-Smith
(530) 589-2224


President: Mary Jane Sasek 538-8086 
Vice President: Sue Kurtz 589-0114
Treasurer: Dorothy Welton 533-2826
Secretary: Sharon Helton 743-7465
Moonlighters’ President:
Yvonne Ogletree 925-386-6659


Greetings fellow quilters ,
We had another great sew day with 24 beautiful smiling faces and 2 guests that attended. It seemed
that everyone was busy working on their projects and it's always very inspiring to see so much
creativity under one roof. I keep hoping that some of this energy and creativity will rub off on me. At
least maybe a little bit. Remember to keep working on your project to show in our quilt show
next year. The board mtg. has been cancelled for Aug. but will restart in Sept. So our next get
together will be for the workshop Sept. 5th. There are two different possible projects and the cutting
instructions will be in this newsletter. Our general meeting will be Sept. 19th at the grange and the
board meeting will be Sept 26th at the library from 9 AM until noon. Remember Annie Star's Quilt
Show will be Sept 28-29. There is a large fire in the hills and I want to offer my thoughts and
prayers for those that this fire might affect. I know that some of our members live near that area but
the smoke is affecting a lot more. If there is anyone who needs assistance, please let us know.
Maybe we can help them out. So until the workshop, I pray for health, safety, and peace for
Mary Jane Sasek 538-8086

Our September program will feature Linda Pearson and Fran Pattison. They will present a trunk show. In October we will have Sandy Scott from the Rabbit Hole present some new ideas, tools, kits, etc. Be sure to attend.
Sue Kurtz 589-0114

Block of the Month: 
Any questions, call Cheryl Campbell H: 533-7724; cell at 370-6869 or Murilla U'ren-Brerton at

Completed size
8 ½ inches                                                    

Fat Quarters: 
You can turn in up to 3 Fat Quarters, but even 1 gets you a chance to win. Fat Quarters are 18"X22". Join in the fun. Fat Quarter table will be set up on little table as you come in and sign in for the meeting.
Save July and August for the drawing in August. Sept- Autumn begins-reds, browns gold’s-greenyellows
Oct.-Halloween -ghost-spider-witches-blacksorange-yellow Nov. Thanksgiving -Pumpkins, acorns, rust,
orange-leaves Dec---Christmas time---Red -Green-White--Santa's- Snowmen-Angels-Christmas treesanything Christmas

Juanita Gilchrist 534-7528
Auda Hill 589-2765

Fifty/Fifty Raffle:
Gwen Boynton 589-1924
Jerry Winkler 589-2537 F
No report. Marilla Uren-Brerton 534-1639
Door Prize Raffle:
Norma Jones 589-1424
Dona Mitchell 846-3493
No report. Linda Pearson 533 8448
Membership: new email address for
Flolin quilting is:
Jackie Joyce 533-7886
Shirley Scofield 589-1397
Community Service:
Ann Harvey 589-2098 and Jan Paul 749-2275.
September is:
Terry Catt, Nancy Clayton,Clara Milwood, Juanita Gilchrist, Carol Dower, ANNA Williams, Mary Tombinson
BOM for Moonlighters
Anyone needing a pattern, send me email And I will email it to you

BLOG: Anyone wanted to read about our Guild can go to
Will have more information next month about the blog..

Mercantile Table:
I really need donations so there is something to sell for the guild. All the money goes to the guild.
On Sew days instead of the regular meeting there will not be mercantile table set up. So bring your
items or donations in September. I will be happy to pick up donations, call me at my number below.
Be sure to give Cindy your list and your items so they can be placed on the right table. Thank you
Cindy Kelley 533-4918
Cheryl Campbell 533-7772

Our last meeting of the north quarter was July 27th in Red Bluff. We had a wonderful lunch of
smoked chicken with cowboy beans, huge baked potatoes, salad and cornbread. A lovely program
was presented by Mary Perkin of the museum in Red Bluff at the Kelly Griggs House. It was too
bad that there wasn't an opportunity to actually visit the museum. Mary brought several quilts that
have been donated to the museum. The museum volunteers are often given quilts about which there
is no info. A reminder to us ladies that someday one of our quilts may be given to a museum, and
will the donating party know any of the history of  the quilt? At least a label would be of some help
to folks who inherit our creations. At the meeting, Colusa's guild (Pacific Flyway Quilters)
volunteered to host the next meeting of the north quarter quilt guilds. The meeting is scheduled for
October 26, 2013. The location of the meeting is to be announced later. In January, Willows will be
hosting Then in April, it will be our turn again. Hopefully the weather will be nice for that day., Rep. Dorothy Welton, Clara Midwood,.
Sunshine: To Carol Howell, Thinking of you; Her husband had surgery. Dorothy Moyle Smith:
Sympathy Card, for a death in the family.
Virginia Brile 534-9637


The school year is beginning, the other New Year,
and it's time for all of us to start back into the
swing of things. Thursday, September 5th, the
workshop will be about Setting the Table with
Linda Pearson teaching a class on Placemats and
Nancy Clayton will be teaching a Table Runner
class. You may choose one, the other or both and
you may coordinate or not. The supply listings are
as follows:
Linda's "Take Four" Placemat Set (makes 4)
finishes at 13 x 17 without borders
Four different "ffat quarters." Include one light,
one medium and 2 dark fabrics for contrast
One yard of coordinating fabric for the backs
One yard thin batting and an optional 1/2 yard
coordinating fabric for borders and/or binding
Sewing supplies needed - a rotary cutter with new
or very sharp blade, 6 x 24 ruler and 12 1/2 "
square, flat head pins and regular sewing supplies
Nancy's "Pathways" 12” x 72” made up of six
12” x 12” blocks (you can reduce the length by
multiples of 6 12 1/2 x 2 1/2 strips and 5 small
Thirty six 2 ½ “ x 12 ½” strips using at least six
different coordinating fabrics or thematically
related fabrics
Thirty 1” x 18” strips of contrasting fabric or
All the usual machine, cutting and regular sewing
An 18 inch ruler and a 12 ½ by 12 ½ ruler will be
more than handy.
Marking tools that can withstand ironing (chalk) or
painter’s tape are needed
We enjoy seeing your smiling faces, the whir of
the machines, and the delicious edibles brought to
our potluck lunch. October 3rd, the Thursday
before the Retreat, Susan Howard will be teaching
the Salt Water Taffy quilt. It can be finished in
those three days with no problem. We hope to have
you with us in September and October. Remember,
any or all of these can become easy to make
Christmas gifts and all can come from stash.
Nancy Clayton, Susan Howard and Susan Porter

Next Meeting:
September 19th 2013....   Palermo Grange 7600 Irwin Ave,Palermo, Ca 95968
social time is 9:00am - 10:00am, Meeting starts at 10:00am and goes to 12:00noon

Moonlight Quilters

President: Yvonne Ogletree, 925-389-6659
Membership Chairman & Liaison: Dorothy 
Welton, 533-2826
Newsletter Editor : Jean Drane, 533-3985
Door Prize Coordinator: Wanda Daly, 534-2604
Row quilt- Wanda Daly 534 2604
Round Robin: Dorothy Moyle Smith 589 2224
Fat Quarters: Yvette Borden 589 3612
Sunshine: Virginia Brile 534-9637

President’s Message: 
Hello Ladies,
Life has been such a blur for me the past few months, so I ask that you forgive the lack of
punctuality in my quilting responsibilities. It will get better, I promise! I think we had a great
meeting this month and am sorry I will miss the September one, but with a wedding just two days
later I will be absolutely no good to the meeting! LOL Wanda will have some sign up sheets for
next years projects, so I hope you will take advantage of some of the new techniques and such
that will be taught. If you have any more ideas, please let her know so she can make a new sign up
sheet for your idea too. I hope you all have a great August and Sept., and I will see you at the October
meeting. Again, thank you for allowing me to be who I am. Love and awesome quilting.....Yvonne

Door Prizes: The lucky winners this time were: Dorothy Smith – 6.5” ruler, a charm pack & a
package of pins; Mary Jane Sasek – 6.5” ruler, sharps needles & a charm pack ; Mystery Box
winner Becky Cross – a 6/12” ruler, a lint roller and 8 homespun fatquarters.
Fat Quarters: Lynn Schorr and Virginia Briles each won 9 fat quarters. Bring multicolor batiks to
the September meeting.
BOM: Annie Latka won the 8 ‘Sew Easy for Hearts’ BOM’s this time. Next month’s block is
‘Four by Nine’ in fall colors.
Mug Rug Exchange: At Yvonne’s suggestion the group has agreed to do a ‘mug rug’ exchange at the
Christmas party. Each member is to bring one to exchange.
2014 Projects: Clauda Goebl agreed to do a bargello class. There will be a mystery wall
hanging project. Becky Cross has agreed to do an X-block class.
2013 Row Quilts and Round Robins: The Round Robin projects are due next month. The Row
Quilts have two more months.
Tip of the Month: Yvonne Ogletree shared two items she has purchased: changeable plastic ID
tags for boxes from Walmart and collapsible fabric boxes from the Dollar Store. She also had
information on mitering corners on quilt tops. Next month’s tip – Yvette Borden.
Show & Tell: Dorothy Welton - the sampler quilt top she won at the Linda Ballard class. Wanda
Daly – the quilt top in batik crazy quilt blocks, a Morning Star challenge. Dorothy Smith – a black
& gray table runner, a stack n’ whack quilt and two BOM quilts. Fran Pattison – a bright scrappy
quilt top. Debby Rookard – two round robin quilts. Virginia Brile – a BOM ‘shoe’ quilt.

Next Meeting: September 19th, at Trinity Presbyterian Church. Doors open at 4:00 pm;
dinner at 6:00pm; meeting starts at 6:30 pm.

Tip of the Month: Yvette Borden.
Refreshments & Clean-up: Annie Latka, Denise Wakefield & Susan McMillan – main dish; Wanda
Daly – salad; Dorothy Welton – dessert.
Newletters: Editor Jean Drane

Linda Ballard Retreat

August News Letter

Volume XXX1I - Issue 8 August 2013 since 1980
Newsletter Editor: Dorothy Moyle-Smith
(530) 589-2224


President: Mary Jane Sasek 538-8086 
Vice President: Sue Kurtz 589-0114
Treasurer: Dorothy Welton 533-2826
Secretary: Sharon Helton 743-7465
Moonlighters’ President:
Yvonne Ogletree 925-386-6659


Greetings. We had a great sew day in July. I did not get an accurate count but there were about 25-
27 people. We had a beautiful time with a great pot luck. A lot of sewing was accomplished, with
great fellowship, keeping cool in the brighter, larger air conditioned building next door. WOW!
And not only that, but we will be doing it again next month. YAH! I also want to thank Sue for
helping me with the corner inserts on my quilt. Maybe, just maybe, I will get this done before the
quilt show next year. It was also great to have Nancy back with us. It is so good to see how well
you are doing. We have cancelled the Board Meeting for the month of July and August. There is
nothing to work on right now for the quilt show. The workshop for August is cancelled. The
general meeting on August 15th will be another SEW DAY. So bring your projects, a pot luck
dish, and your beautiful smiles. It is a great time to get some sewing done (for the quilt show), to get
help or on any sewing problem you might have and to socialize. We are so fortunate to have so much
talent in our group who are willing to help out our new members who are just learning and (for those
of us who are harder at learning). So come one and all. Maybe we can even make a larger group next
month. OH, OH, OH! That makes for more food and more variety. (There goes the diet.) I hope to
see your bright shining faces on the 15th of Aug.Until then, try to stay cool and enjoy your

Mary Jane Sasek 538-8086


August 15th. We are enjoying our hiatus and the Sew Day was wonderful. September we will get
back to workshops and are looking forward to setting the table with place-mats from Linda
Pearson and a table runner from Nancy Clayton. At the August Sew Day, we will show you more and
in the Newsletter we will let you know the supplies. Enjoy the time to catch up on UFOs or
even better new ideas.

Sue Kurtz 589-0114

Fat Quarters:
Sept- Autumn begins-reds,brown golds-green yellows Oct.-Halloween -ghost-spider-witches-blacks orange-yellow Nov.Thanksgiving -Pumpkins , acorns, rust,
orange-leaves Dec---Christmas time---Red -Green-White--Santa's- Snowmen-Angels-Christmas trees anything Christmas

President’s Message: 

Hello Moonlighters;

Another month of hot weather for sure. I know a lot of you stay indoors and do a lot of sewing
during this hot weather, and I hope some of you were able to get your entries in for the Butte
County Fair. My life has been way too busy, but maybe next year I will try as I have never entered
anything in a fair before. Maybe we can challenge each other to get at least one in to help promote our
Moonlighters Group of wonderful quilters. I would also like to thank Wanda and her helpers for
having such a successful quilting retreat. Everyone who went said they had a wonderful time and can't
wait until next year. Remember to mark your calendar for next July 10th, 11th, and 12th, I know
I am!!! As for our group projects, they are all BOM for MoonLighters August coming along wonderfully! The row quilt exchange is happening every month now, along with the round robin, and next month's meeting the Garden Quilt group is going to show us their progress too! We also talked about future projects
and classes that everyone will enjoy for next year. Don't forget that in October we are going to do the
mystery quilt with Dorothy Welton. I hope everyone has a great month and we will see you the
third Thursday of August! Happy quilting always,


Next Meeting: August 15th, at Trinity Presbyterian Church. Doors open at 4:00 pm;
dinner is at 6; meeting starts at 6:30 pm. Refreshments & Clean-up: Dorothy Smith &
Virginia Briles, main dish; Wanda Daly, salad; Dorothy Welton, dessert.